The enterprise PHPU Lucjan Kaźmierski, having its registered office at Jutrosin, is a family company established by Lucjan Kaźmierski in 1990. From the very beginning the main activities of the company have been purchasing, sales and export of bulls and horses.

Our animals are under constant veterinary protection and undergo series of laboratory examinations, which are consistent with EU standards being in force. In order to meet individual needs we enable our customers to choose the goods by verification.

Each time the goods are prepared for individual orders and delivered to every place in the country and within Europe. We also possess specialistic equipment, which is consistent with EU requirements, to transport cattle and horses.

The company offers:

Fattening bulls and heifers
- Bastard of beef races LIMUZE, CHAROLES in the weight from 250 kg till 350 kg
- Red-white bastard

Slaughter cattle
- Bulls in the weight from 500 - 700 kg
- Heifers in the weight from 400 - 600 kg
- Cows

Draught and saddle horses


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